Which Sneaker Are You Coppin’ Tomorrow?

which sneaker are you coppin'

Tomorrow marks the multiple releases spanning from an annual collection to a popular Air Jordan release, closing out the last weekend in January.

Included is Nike’s Black History Month collection which includes the Big 3 of Nike Basketball along with Dunk Sky High WMNS, Air Force 1 Downtown Low and the Air Force 1 Foamposite High. The Memphis Penny V is also hitting stores accompanied by the Penny V in the “total crimson” colorway. An Oregon inspired Air Zoom Jet Turf ’97 is also hitting stores as a quickstrike release.  Last but not least is the classic Air Jordan V colorway in its “fire red” rendition.

Which sneaker(s) are you coppin’ tomorrow?

Nike Dunk Sky High WMNS “Black History Month” – $150

Nike Air Force 1 Downtown Low “Black History Month” – $175

Nike Air Force 1 Foamposite High “Black History Month” – $200

nike sportswear bhm

Nike Air Penny V Total Crimson & “Memphis Tigers” – $165

penny v

Nike LeBron X “Black History Month” – $200

nike lebron x bhm

Nike Kobe 8 “Black History Month” – $160

nike kobe 8 system bhm

Nike KD V “Black History Month – $135

nike kd v bhm

Nike Air Zoom Turf Jet ’97 “Oregon Ducks” – $140

nike air zoom jet turf 97 oregon

Air Jordan V “Fire Red” – $160

air jordan v fire red

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  • MikeyDrums86

    None all garbage

  • Chaun Bishop

    BHM KDs if the internets don’t die

  • AlSneaks

    not a damn thing. Passing on all of them.

  • Stupidfreshkicks

    Wish the 5’s had the 23, no nevermind they’re a must grab for me (2nd favorite J, 4’s my fav) I’m thinking bout shooting for them Total Crimson Anfernee’s as well. I’m really diggin those Zoom Turf Jet’s, most likely Farve pass though.

    Is it jus me or are those Dunk Sky High WMNS the best looking shoe in the BHM collection this year?

  • aSh

    BHM Lebrons!!!! really grew on me…

  • gotjordans


  • Prestige

    I’m copping the 5’s

  • Mamba


  • Heat

    Lebrons and the V’s

  • jkmudiwa

    them pennys is tough

  • might go cop those oregon ducks. had no clue any of this was releasing today.

  • omar najeeb

    @stupidfresh…I’m wit u hoss. 5’s ar my 2nd fav aj all-time(this shoe&c/w ‘gethr). Er’bdy talkn bout these sittn orund for while. Wasn’t messn wit it. Had to grab.
    By the way. I f’give u 4 not havn 11s as your fav aj.lol

  • omar najeeb

    went on and pikd up brons, kobes, aj 5,& the infrared (refuse to call em ‘crimson’) penny v’s.

  • SBedge

    copped the V’s without a problem this morning. The quality and box is nice. They’re also one of my favorite Jordans

  • Blak617

    Did anyone else get V’s with horrible paint job? I copped from champs smh

  • omar najeeb

    Nope. U were the only one, champ!

  • uorobt23

    Was wanting to get the 5’s for a long time, but being a UO student and duck fan, had to pick up some oregon inspired turf jets. Also agree that the 23 missing on the 5’s was disappointing…

  • Cat_Jokes

    i got da V’s blue tiger from footlocker great shoe

  • HumaraKing

    I copped the BHM KDs

  • shoe guy

    all lame.. pass