Which Sneaker Are You Coppin’ Tomorrow?

Which-Sneaker-Are-You-Coppin-Nike-LeBron-10-Cork-Air-Jordan-3-Black-CrimsonThere are a handful of sneakers set to drop tomorrow like new colorways for the Nike Roshe Run and other various NSW models; but there are two models that has caught the attention of sneakerheads everywhere. First off the latest Air Jordan 3 colorway to release this weekend is in a Black/Bright Crimson combination. At first glance, this AJ3 looks to be normal. With a flash of light, the mudguard and tongue lights up the night thanks to the 3M material.

Secondly, the Nike LeBron 10 that commemorates LeBron’s first championship will finally make its way into retailers tomorrow as well. The premium version of the LeBron 10 will sure to sell out quick. This cork-inspired sneaker also recently received a price drop from $305 to $250. Good luck to all who’s trying to purchase the Nike LeBron 10 Cork tomorrow.

One question remains: Which Sneaker Are You Coppin’ Tomorrow?

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Air Jordan 3
Black/Bright Crimson

Nike LeBron 10 x NSW Cork Edition

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  • Dean

    hopefully I win this raffle thing tomorrow.

  • SoleAmbition23

    Cork LeBron’s! Hopefully.

  • AceofJ’s

    I’m gonna try for the LeBron’s, but if i’m unsuccessful the 3’s will be my consolation prize

  • Mars Blackmon

    Neither. The 3’s are ugly, and I already know I won’t have luck with the LeBron’s so im not even gonna bother

  • DeathOverDesigner

    I WILL win this raffle!!

  • KP

    I got a connect for the cork lebrons! #winning

  • Prestige

    If everything works in my favor, i’ll be purchasing both tomorrow

  • JB

    Getting the Cork LeBrons. Or die trying.

  • Heat


  • Mamba

    Passing on everything.

  • KayGotKicks

    I’ll be getting a pair of roshe runs. And hopefully the lebrons if I have any luck!

  • imma have to see those 3’s in person tommorow. they seem kinda dope but i’m not sure about the purple.

  • I struck out on the Fingercroxx’s today at WISHATL but picked up the JS StreetBall as a consolation prize…..so pass in the left hand lane for Lebron and Jordan. BTW…they are camped out/lined up at Wish for the Corks.

  • Executive

    Saw those 3’s today and man they are trash. I want to know the purpose of them? Purple and crimson.

  • Executive

    What about the Volt dunkman’s?

  • aSh

    Didn’t win the HoH raffle…. awwwwwwwwh well on to the next one 😉

  • G-Phi 2K6

    NEITHER! I’m going after the Nike Zoom Turf Jet ’97s, White/Royal. Y’all can have everything else.


  • Kicks on Parade

    Yo the Jordan 3’s look awful in person. Everyone unable to cop the Lebron 10 Cork or the Dunkmans will end up copping the AJ 3’s and then end up wishing they just saved the money for something else in the first place. You know how these kids are got to cop something every week just to say they copped something. LOL fools. The Kobe’s and the KD’s looked real nice in person though. Probably gonna snatch one of them along with a Lebron 10 Cork or Dunkman.

  • Kicks on Parade

    @G-Phi 2K6
    Almost forgot about those Nike Zoom Turf Jets ’97’s thanks Fam. Both colorways look nice on those. Copping at least one of them if I can as well.

  • omar najeeb

    Already got the 3s set up.
    I ain’t even gon’ bother with da corks.
    Was gonna gunfor the volt brons but my man jumped on a restock of thr bhm spi’zikes for me. So I’m bout as good as I’m gon’ be.

    And please, folks! Let’s not hav somebody (or ‘bodies) catchin charges over them damned corks. Be safe try’na cop. Salute!

  • omar najeeb

    By the way…are the cork x’s really that nice looking or is it jus the exclusivity of the shoe that’s makin er’bdy want em. Them joints look aight but….i’ont kno….I gues, if y’all say so.
    Anyhoo…again, good luck out there& be safe!

  • Lem

    Neither. I may get the Auburn Bo Jackson trainers though.

  • tHatGuy3214

    I can’t wait to see the first toolbag walking around wearing the Corks so I can point and laugh …

  • omar najeeb

    Damn! Looks like the masses were right bout them 3s sittin. Er’store one can think of still has szs. I still wanted them. I really nvr got people’s issues wit em. Dunkmans still around too. I gues the Corks’ll do that to other releases. Even longhorn kd’s. Dang

  • JayOldPeachsteam

    Cork, Croxx complete. Never even laid eyes on that random 3…

  • shoe guy

    3s failed..

  • Edmsco

    Anybody lookin fer a size 11 in the Crimson 3’s?