Which Sneaker Would You Choose If…

What’s your sneaker taste level?

This is an interesting question regarding some current popular sneakers.

In a perfect world where sneakers are this cheap at retail, imagine you have $10, what sneakers are you coppin from the graph above? Remember you only have $10, so shop wisely.

So what are you grabbing with your $10? Share your picks in the comments.

Meme: unskinny

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  • theloverswineverytime

    Lol, aight let’s seeeeee…
    Nah, pretty easy though for me tho: Prestos, silver 97s, & the 98s

  • curt diggler

    chucks, pink rafs, gucci aces, vapormax and my dollar change thank you

  • javi

    Don’t you mean all of them hype???

  • DJR

    2 pairs of Prestos and the Supreme 98s.

  • Executive 777

    5 chucks and the 700 yeezys.