White/Cement Jordan Son of Mars

Jordan-Son-of-MarsA classic colorway has made it to the Son of Mars.

We’ll soon see another Jordan Son of Mars release this weekend in the classic White/Cement colorway. This Son of Mars actually looks like a mixture of the AJ3 and AJ4, thanks to the elephant print and speckled print midsoles. Look for this colorway to hit select retailers like Renarts on June 22nd. The retail price is set at $140.

Jordan Son Of Mars Low
White/Gym Red – Black – Cement Grey

Jordan-Son-of-Mars-White-Cement Jordan-Son-of-Mars-Cement Jordan-Son-of-Mars-Cements White-Cement-Jordan-Son-of-Mars

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  • Wouldn’t rock but i don’t hate these.

  • omar najeeb

    Great substitute for those not fortunate nuf to hav wht/cmnt 4’s……AH HA! Sabbed ya mind! No, these are not a substitute at all for the 4’s. Won’t front, won’t stunt tho. These really aren’t bad (yes, customary to stop just short of saying “they’re nice. Lol). But if u got the cmnts, u don’t need these. But if u don’t have em, well, u still don’t need these.

  • Lilweeweemane

    I actually like these….. Wait I kno I kno I should be a follower and only wear retros……

  • Sole Brotha aka Seattle Slim

    I got the real 3’s. But in a glass display case. I’d cop these on sale ONLY just to have a “similar” pair to wear. These are by far the best of this ugly series. Just too much going on for a shoe. There aren’t bad if you wear pants and cover some of it.

  • omar najeeb

    ^^^if retros are all that u like, u should just wear em

  • shoe guy


  • Sole Brotha aka Seattle Slim

    @Omar. I wore them 2x and wiped the bottom clean for display. I don’t get to wear my kix anymore being part of the corporate world with suits and sh*t. But that does not stop my from buying them. So instead I created a sneakerhead mancave. Everything from the original Chucks, Weapon 86, Jordan, Ewing adidas, Larry Johnson Aero Jam cons, Griffeys, Andre Agassi, Deion Sanders to Xavier McDaniel’s signed Spot bilt 88′ shoes. Tastefully done of course. I’m not holding on to them like a hypebeast to sell for more. I use it show the history and evolution of shoes. My passion… My son loves it.