Who’s Coppin’ Bred 11’s Tomorrow?

The December 21, 2012 Mayan apocalyptic date will not deter any Jordan Brand fans from trying to purchase one of the most sought after Air Jordan models. The infamous Air Jordan 11 Black/Varsity Red will once again make its way into retailers. Unlike the previous Air Jordan 11 retro colorways, this “Bred” version will not come with the special slide out box. We highly doubt that the slight packaging change would deter any Air Jordan fan from buying this classic sneaker.

If you didn’t already know, the Air Jordan 11 2012 Retro “Bred” will hit JB accounts tomorrow December 21st. The retail price is set at $185. Let us know in the comment section below if you’re coppin’.

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Air Jordan 11
Black/Varsity Red

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  • Mike Wizzkowski

    With all my might.

  • Towelie

    Nice joints, but not worth lining up for.


    with all the luck a person can have

  • LG

    I’ll be lining up at 8am and walking out with my size. #Iaintgotnoworries

  • AJ head

    Thank God, in my country, some authorized retailers are allowed to take preorders for Nikes.
    I already reserved at two different stores.
    Nice way to end this year.

  • Shane D.

    Yes sir!

  • Just Kicks

    2 pairs please.

  • solediva86

    without a doubt

  • MM

    Currently camping right now.

  • Jay

    Shops around my way are on some true BS. They are charging 250 for the XIs. This is the type of sh*t I don’t like.

  • john.p.killroy

    It is more likely the Mayan apocalypse will happen than me ever getting a chance to see these on someone’s feet forget having to even have a chance to buy a pair. All I want for Christmas is to have the same connections the resellers, that will undoubtedly get their hands on like 20 pairs, have.

  • SBedge

    copped 2 pairs already… and will try for some more tomorrow.

  • Sek

    Nope. I have priorities in life. Had to pay bills and buy my child and wife Christmas gifts. If I had a little extra I would’ve dropped the $230-$250 at a mom and pop to avoid the bullshit lines and RSVP bullshit. No grown man my age should have to deal with that shit. This is the sneaker that got me addicted to Js though. Had an OG pair in 6th,01 version in HS and I still have a crispy CDP joint worn 5xs even though the quality sucks and I been told the quality sucks on these as well. So I don’t feel too bad. What in digging is the fact the red looks better than the CDP version. Oh well life goes on. It just a shoe folks. Hope no one gets hurt tomorrow.

  • Josh

    Already paid for and reserved. Just picking em up tomorrow on my way to work. ^_^

  • Jizzle

    eh, I tried, they were sold out when I woke up this morning……

  • Jarvo

    Hypebeast we know about cha don’t buy shoes unless they popular. Not even trying to cop but this girl ran infront of my car just to rush the door -_- almost got hit by my door.

  • bdogg

    got my pair!!! hand down man!!! xmas came early..passed on thunders..it was one or the other! period!

  • Pass, just got a house with my girl and I think I’m done giving Jordan Brand my money. I might be done with kicks for good because there are only but so many you can have. Good luck to everyone copping be safe.

  • Massamazin

    YESSS I have my cool Greys an Breds without a problem… SURPRISINGLY!!

  • omar najeeb

    Word to damfuff and sek. I feel yall up top. I did copp min tho . And for mor than retail. Ddnt feel like campn for em. Solute to those who copped the rite way. Now let’s get these thunders!!! Cold, crush!

  • Whatswrongwithy’all

    Y’all realize there are more pairs of these out there than what they say is “limited” release. If you spend more on these things than the retail, y’all are dumb. You realize that the auction sites are that sell these for 2-3 times their price are the same ones that distribute them. All the people that hype them up, y’all are driving the prices up there and just lining the pockets of those who hold these back for more profit. The best part, 1K+ people line up for hours on end, hoping to get one of 100 pairs they might have. Call me a hater or whatever, but when when i see news reports of violence over a pair of shoes, i can’t help but laugh, because someone is going down for $2.00 (check out what it costs to make a pair of these, then tell me who’s stupid).

  • omar najeeb

    @whatswrong,,,___all anyone can do is get info on releases and act on themm.when most retailers hav already givn out tix. 1 option is to find mom &pop and pay over retail. Its a reason this shoe sells out all over the world in 3hrs. Everyone buys em. I dig wut u sayin bout the cost of makn a pair. That’s real boy. Salute!!!

  • shoe guy

    got mine….. they are great.. and the cool greys are cool as hell..