Who’s Coppin’ Olympic 7’s?

Following the Air Jordan “Olympic” 6 release a couple of weeks ago is another classic USA-inspired model. This time, the AJ 7 “Olympic” made famous by MJ in the 1992 Summer Games will make its way back into retailers. Not to be confused with the “FTLOTG“, this version will stay pretty true to the original colorway and without any logos from the side heel.

The accents on the 2012 retro is a bit richer when compared to the “FTLOTG” version. Get ready because the Air Jordan Olympic 7’s 2012 Retro will hit select JB accounts tomorrow. The retail price is set at $160.

Let us know in the comment section below if you’re coppin’ or passing?

  • No cop for me have 04 pair and for the love of the game ones so I’m straight. Good luck to all those copping.

  • Ben Dover

    These look better than the 6’s but a pass for me, waiting for the raptors

  • Sean

    A definite cop since i pass the last couple of releases!!!

  • No cop for me as well. I am coppin for a friend of mine outta town though.

  • MikeyDrums86

    Finally won a raffle define cop!!!

  • Royal S

    It’s a maybe. I’m waiting for the raptor 7’s. I still own my baby pair from when I first had them on when I was carried out the hospital. Aww ! Time flies by.

  • I shouldn’t… but I really want to!

  • Mr. Spiffy

    I’ll Passed on these joints since I Copped the Olympic 6 couple of weeks ago.

  • matt

    Def love these not getting for me but I am getting them for my.brother it will be his first pair I on the other hand am too hyped for the raptors

  • jdogg13

    No cop.. I’m waiting for spring 2013!! Lol ! Can’t wait for royal blue 1s

  • Executive

    Picking up a new truck next week, fuk a pair of sneakers!

  • marcell

    Already got em these muhfukas are nice [in my fabolous voice]

  • 101sneakerhead

    coppin wellalready been copped lol copped these bout 2 weeks ago great shoe follow me n youtube.com/101sneakerhead

  • littlph

    no need for me i got 2 pair of the ftlotg

  • Pass. It’s too easy to get a pair in my town. But I did grab the 02 Raptors today.

  • LG

    Pass I’m good, horrible quality in these and they fit big.

  • spydogg


  • Shan

    Copped. Got the last pair in my size. Hype east were out there since like 8:00 friday. Lucky I got these and the 6s

  • teach


  • milyon

    I got my 2004, but I’m waiting for the Raptors( I still got my old raptors).

  • Horrible Retro’s. Quality is straight garbage.

  • still cant decide if I should spend my money on the olympic 6’s or these .

  • Jany

    Im looking for the olympic 7 in a size 3kidss