Who’s Coppin’ Thunder 4’s Tomorrow?

“Thunder” will soon crash down on retail stores with the return of a sought after Air Jordan 4 colorway. Last seen in 2006, the Thunder AJ4 will return this holiday season in its original form. It looks like Jordan Brand will not be taking it easy on our wallets with these hot back-to-back releases.

If you were not fortunate enough to pick up a pair of AJ11 Black/Varsity Red, then maybe these Thunder AJ4’s will help ease the pain. Look for the Thunder Air Jordan 4 2012 Retro to hit select JB accounts tomorrow. The retail price is set at $160.

Let us know in the comment section below if you’re coppin’ the Thunder 4’s.

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Air Jordan 4 “Thunder”
Black/White-Tour Yellow

  • Sole Seriouz


  • LG

    Copped 2

  • omar najeeb

    In line since 5pm for’em jawns. The line wher I’m at started rite after jokers copped the the playoff 11!!! Wanted to stay then but couldn’t. Le’see wut hppns

  • Larry LeJend

    No waiting in line since 5pm, just woke up at 4:30am, hit the Internet by 5am and COPPED. Good Luck to all & Merry XMas. Sneakerz is going under the tree ha!

  • omar najeeb

    @larrylejend__I sur do wish I was u & had gotten that lucky. Results r the same tho . I copped, u copped, WE copped! Salute, boy!!!

  • Larry LeJend

    @omarnajeeb Good thing about your purchase is your font have to wait for them to come in be mail. Lol #PayingDues

  • 4eVaFADE

    These were actually pretty easy to get. Just walked right into the store & got them. There was no one there. No line no wait.

  • omar najeeb

    @4eVaFade__c’mon pimp er’wher ‘roun the world these joints was gone by 11am. We kno all u had was a tic 4 em jawns. We ain’t at ya tho. Lol

  • Philly dreams

    These releases are a joke sold out in 2 minutes y’all think you tight lol come on liers… Hype beast we know about ya only cop cuz they popular!!!

  • omar najeeb

    Does somebody here hav sour grapes ‘cuz they ddnt/cdnt get these?aaaaww!!

  • omar najeeb

    Was anybody able to cop both, the 11s & the 4s, w/o the b’fit of havn tix? For thos that did, u eithr had a dope connect ,mad campout perserverance, or lightning-fast internet. If one o these fits u, salute boy!!

  • Jumpman


  • Shoe String

    Looking to trade for a size 9 Men’s Retro 11 that just released. If you were lucky enough to get a pair of 11’s but didn’t get the size you really wanted this is your chance. If anyone bought a size 9 and you needed a 8.5 or a size 10 get at me. The shoes must be DS like the the pairs I own. I am not a Rookie when it comes to shoe collecting so if you ain’t serious or looking to get over don’t even reply. I will reply back to those who comment or have a question. Merry Christmas to all.

  • omar najeeb

    @shoe string___I don’t kno homes! Pple wantn a 8.5 but got a 9 will pr’oly jus keep it. Pple usually can go anothr half-sz up. A seasoned vet in shoe gm nrmlly undrstnds that. Your inquiry needs more honey, less vinegar.

  • Indelible72

    Had tickets for both and didn’t get a call for either of em. Copped both online. I’m gonna enjoy my Cmas. Ticket system sucks, I’d rather camp out.

  • JayOldPeachsteam

    Walked in and bought bred Xi’s around 10:30am. Disgusted. Woke up at 8:10am and bought 2 pairs of Thunders online… we’ll see what they look when they arrive. Woke up this morning and got 2 more pairs of Black Cements from the FNL restock. Merry Christmas… No Kobe, Lebron or Kd for me. 2012, closed????

  • Big Mike

    I got a Ticket for the 11s last Sunday at Lenox Mall here in Atlanta, Ga. Picked them up at 5:45am Friday. Came back to Lenox Athletes Foot at 6, they opened at 8, it was only 4 of us in Line.

  • Shoe String

    @omar najeeb
    Less vinegar more honey. You act like I’m trying to get over on someone fam. I got 2 in the size I needed so I ain’t that worried about trading off the extra pairs I had copped in other sizes. Like many people I seen in line were copping sizes way to big for them or to small to wear. This is who I was trying to reach out to. So instead of me selling these pairs and making a nice stack I thought I would see if someone in need of one of these sizes would be able to obtain what they needed. If they wanted a half size smaller than a 9 then I could help someone out. Period point blank. And if your trying to call out my experience level in the sneaker game knowing that someone could wear a half size bigger or a half size smaller is common knowledge fam. Even a moron knows that. So if anyone looking for one of those Specific sizes then get at me. You are who I was trying to reach out to. I’m a person who likes to have the actual size I wear and not something I’m trying to fit into.

  • TheSneakerDude

    I got both Cristmas releases this time which puts me back on track since I couldnt get Concords last Christmas.