Will Jordan Brand Bogart These Air Jordan 6’s For Themselves?

air-jordan-6-cigarNew images of the Championship Cigar Air Jordan 6.

Will Jordan Brand actually release this cigar-inspired Air Jordan 6 that was shown a few days ago? I wouldn’t be surprised if they did since 2014 marks the 23rd anniversary of the Air Jordan 6. This AJ6 shown here looks like it went the premium route and is wrapped in premium brown leather throughout the upper.

The most notable feature is the special championship ring lace locks. The tag says it’s a Summer ’14 sample, so it’s possible that it could release this Summer or Fall. Let us know if this Air Jordan 6 is a must cop for you. Stick with TSG for the release date.

Images: icysole

air-jordan-6-cigar-for-sale air-jordan-6-championship-cigar air-jordan-6-championship-cigar-sneakers air-jordan-6-cigar-tag

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  • kikzaddikt

    i love these shits, they just look so… PREMIUM. very clean and the lacelock isn’t bad either. INSTACOP

  • 23edge

    nothing says quality like Made in China.. eek

  • MikeyDrums86

    Im f uckin wit these.. Hope Ray Ray rocks em soon!!

  • sir fresh

    Have to be limited if you release to the public the value of the shoe will mean nothing

  • SneakGeek

    must cop

  • just a person

    Meanwhile in reality….if this was a customizer’s work it’d be panned as gaudy. Just saying….

  • Executive

    I’d glass case em but not rock em. Lol at the idiot talkin about “the value”.

  • 4DRUMZ

    D U M B

  • JayOldPeach.i7


  • omar najeeb

    Well…i’d try for ’em. Joints are ill.

  • omar najeeb

    Shee-it ! Naaahh, my boy. GR them thangs. Need that therr.

    @ just a person…i’m diggin ’em. But good point about that too. Def’ly agree.

  • Lem

    C’mon get for real. These things are ugly and they will have to be limited to gain any traction in sales.

    The only good thing they have going for them is the quality of the leather. They really could have done a better job on the color blocking.

  • omar najeeb

    I’ll get real & say that I think they’re dope. One mans humble opinion to match another’s. That all.

  • jp

    i think they are a dope concept but they killed it for me with that lighter shade of red they should have kept it all burgundy and than they would be a cop for me.

  • Godivine

    I’m not build for gimmick-icks, 1love.

  • uptown

    these are looksee samples, the production pairs have a red jumpman instead of the all gold seen here