Wishlist: Top 5 “Nike Air” Jordans On Sneakerpedia

There’s plenty of hoopla going around right now about the return of Nike  Air on the Air Jordan III ’88 Retro. The topic of the III itself is over with, as many have voiced their opinions arguing for either side. It’s inevitable at this point to stop the Nike Air return and I wouldn’t be surprised if we continue to see some releases for the OG faithfuls. But if we are to get more Jordans donning the Nike Air, why not make a wishlist of which ones we would want?

Here are my top 5 Air Jordans I would like to see return from the so called “Nike Air” era:

5. Air Jordan III White/True Blue (2001 version pictured)

We’re already seeing the Air Jordan III return in a cement colorway, but if I had to choose, why not the “True Blue” release.  From the four original colorways, the True Blues always struck out to me as different, for obvious reasons, as the colorblocking is very calm on the shoe. Nothing beats the use of cement print on three pars of the shoe along with the contrasting blue.

4. Air Jordan I Black/Soft Grey

This one has already been answered, quite recently actually. The last retro of these left many disappointed (including myself) as the materials felt lacking. I’ll admit, I’ve never owned an original pair, but I have seen a few in person and it’s easy to tell the different from the retro and OG based on materials alone. With the OG movement the Air Jordan I is going through, hopefully these pull through.

3. Air Jordan V “Grape”

This one has also been semi-answered already too, with them seeing a release in May. They’re coming back with the Jumpman but shoot, why not just have a full on OG movement and throw Nike Air on a select amount of special edition pairs? Do you know how much people would go through just to get a pair that says “Nike Air?” It would be pure insanity…

2. Air Jordan VI “Sport Blue”

Call them the Sport Blues, call them the September Blues, the forgotten child of the Air Jordan VI original colorways (along with the maroon pair), it would be something to see them drop again. At this point, we’re long overdue in seeing a retro, and why not bring them back with some Nike Air style?

1. Air Jordan VI “Carmine”

Honestly, I don’t even care. Just bring them back in general. Nike Air, Jumpman, doesn’t matter. This is the VI I need to see again. We did see a retro with the CDP paired with the XVIIs, but that feels like eons ago. The colorway is loud but subtle and still holds a spot as one of the best Air Jordan colorways on any model.

The Nike Air era, which featured six different models, spanning Air Jordan I to Air Jordan VI. I may have not been relevant to the sneaker world a the time but I can appreciate the releases and how they change the game. We’re seeing Nike Air sported on Jordans today (although a very very select few), why not see them on a few more? I understand the purists and how some don’t want Nike Air back, but I’m looking at it through the scenario of you have no choice.

Five colorways with Nike Air, you pick.

Head over to Sneakerpedia and browse around, and tell us your favorite original Air Jordan colorways that you would like to see return with Nike Air.

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  • SBedge

    waste of bandwidth

  • DeathOverDesigner

    3’s are my favorite J’s so they’re really the only ones I’m pressed to have the Nike air on

  • Mamba


  • serg252001

    no complaints

  • I’ve always been a fan of the Air Jordan 3 Black/Cement with Nike Air. Looks so good!

  • solepat

    Dont no real sneaker wants none of these sneaker to retro with the nike air. its bad enough that they ruin the 88 white cement

  • gotjordans

    is this a fact or just wishful thinking??? LOL

  • omar najeeb

    Id love to see the playoff infrared vi’s, mars blackmon 4’s, grape, &fire red 5’s return with nike air on them. Oh yeah, them carmine 6’s too. Get yorns!!

  • mrbigmofoe

    NO CARMINES FOR ANOTHER 10 Years that should be a rule jordan should have “Do not retro a shoe until after 10 years or later”