Wiz Khalifa Spotted in Space Jams

Last night, Wiz Khalifa and his boonapalist Amber Rose was spotted on a dinner date at Katsuya in West Hollywood. Wiz Khalifa rocked Space Jams last night while out on his date. Khalifa and Amber are usually seen on the scene so it’s only a matter of time before we see Wiz in Celebrity Footwork again.

Photos: YBF

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  • John B.

    man that scarf he wearing and that bs amber rose got on her head look awful! space jams always a good call though

  • 23edge

    sloppy 2nds

  • kokainekase

    why does his outfit look like something kanye would wear specially the scarf?

  • aSh

    @ kokainkase… I know right??? From pics that I’ve seen of Whiz he never used to dress like that… How fd up would that be if that was all yeezys gear he left at Ambers place n she gave it to Whiz… SpaceJams included…

  • Royal S

    This clown Wiz Khalifa just bought down the value of Spacejams once they touched his feet with that red scraf & bottle recycled jacket.

  • ell

    I’m sorry but wiz can’t dress for shit shoe game is there though

  • AlSneaks

    that blonde streak in his hair just bothers me. didn’t know #TaylorGang was a Taylor Swift fan club….

  • Matt

    Wooow okay since wen did it become straight and Swagged out to dye ur hair what a great influence for the guys ages 13 to however old u are listening to hip hop and rap! Woow he went from overdoing the chucks to overdoing the spacejams to going to the bordeauxs back to chucks and now a hint at what he will be wearing the next 100 Celebrity with kicks photo thingys!
    and way to get Yeezys sloppy seconds!

    WHAT IS AMBER WEARING? Who does she think she is looking like the ugly Cleopatra what is this 1960? back to those beaded curtains now i knw where she got tht headress from!

  • Matt

    hahaha if only there was a caption for this pic

    Battle of the Headgear!! in this case NO WIN!!

    OHEMGEE wht are these celebrities doing to our Youth for real now? Only a matter of time before kids in the schools start wrapping scarves around their heads and now girls will think its cute to wear beaded curtains on their heads! (Smacks Forehead)

  • Executive aka K.O.T.T.

    Sloppy 2nd’s my a$$! Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I’d beat faster than the heart of a lard a$$ when he see’s a bucket of kfc!

  • Supa B

    man…Amber Rose is a bad broad…just a damn shame she smokes cancer stix

  • Supa B

    and about Wiz & the hair dying…thats old school right there. back in the early 90s, some mofos in the game had it. Kwame was the most known one for it. How we forget our hip hop history so quickly. Even a number of dancehall reggae artists did that too back then as well.

  • I tried listening to Wiz’s music. I’m sorry but his music is such garbage. His lyrics are straight GARBAGE!! No talent having clown. He looks retarded in this pic. His music is just another example of why hip hop is on life support.

  • Morbid


  • Sorry Supa B but that’s not old school in any way. That hair dye Wiz is rocking almost as bad as Tupac’s nose piercing.

  • inluvwitkicks

    Wtf is up with the sloppy 2nd shazz everybody has a sloppy 2nd. Anyway wish is just Smh idk but he went plate so I guess hell be bck with another album

  • inluvwitkicks

    *wiz* lol HTC is doin the spell check

  • JJ

    LMAO @ the SLOPPY 2NDS comment, was gonna post the same shit! and im not even a Kanye fan.


    Everyone nowaday has a sloppy 2nd some even have sloppy 10th or even 15th lmao!!! amber can still get it nd Wiz music is trash …i haven’t listen to such bs since soulja boy or wut ever his name is lol …at least he got his paper up i’ll give SB that..

  • Someone posted “SWAG”. Hahaha…who uses “Swag” nowadays. Hahaha…

    Amber is SLOPPY 20’s. I’d still smash though. Hahaha

  • G Gil

    2nds… this is more like 3rd… didnt she use to mess with Fab before Yeezy?

  • Joeslow

    Wow. The hate is strong on this post. I still fuk with Wiz’s music…just not “Rolling Papers”.

  • JOP

    I wouldn’t know The difference between whiz and any other Negro… But Amber on deck earns my respect. Haters can say what they want, Shawty is straight cereals.

  • amber rose can get itttttttt f da space jams

  • That guy

    I’d love to get myself some sloppy thirds

    This dude is goig to wish he kept his sneakers on ice when he has to liquidate his collection in a few years because his rent is due and the local club is only giving him 500 bucks to perform .

  • ben

    man wtf is wiz wearing? wack scarf lmao

  • Wat the fuck is wrong with y’all niggas wiz is doin his thing my nigga got his paper up and ain’t nuthen changed but my niggas clothes and sneakers he came up so he upgraded there is nuthing wrong with that shit I’m the bigest kanye fan on this earth and my nigga ain’t been wearing skirts and skinney jeans since day one all he doin is going wit the flow and changin it up. And I bet nun of y’all niggas would be wearing just chucks if u was makin millions and amber jumped on wiz dick so if he hit that’s good for him cause I know ill tear that pussy up .