XX8 Days of Flight: Air Jordan XV

air jordan xv


Continuing Jordan Brand’s XX8 Days of Flight is the overlooked Air Jordan XV donning the black/electric green colorway.

Modeled after the X-15 Fighter Jet, the XV sports a woven kevlar upper and radical protruding tongue.

The Air Jordan XV has also been looked at as the beginning of the end per se by some Jordan purists. It’s nothing new but there are those who believe that the Air Jordan I-XIVs are the only “true” or best looking Jordans.

Despite this, the XV takes the abstract design with its very recognizable tongue design. JB took a huge chance with the design but with the right colorways, the chance pays off.

What is your favorite Air Jordan XV colorway?

Jordan Brand is celebrating XX8 Days Of Flight and today is all about the Air Jordan XIV. Tag your photos on Instagram with #XX8DaysOfFlight and you might see yourself on ajxx8.com.

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  • gotjordans

    Boing! 🙂

  • JB

    15 and up is where I stop caring.

  • omar najeeb

    The blac n red prada joints are the xv I prefer the most. Other than that I don’t much care for the xv’s.
    Oh yeah almos f’got bout the blac n gold laser joints. Thos’r nice too.

  • Heat

    Yawn. I’m not interested in the XX8 days of flight anymore

  • shoe guy

    “15 and up is where I stop caring.” true but i like 22s and 23s…

  • Damn these are dope imo. My favorite so far.

  • waufflez

    I don’t even like 15’s for the most part but this is definitely my favorite from the XX8 Day’s of Flight so far.

  • all this days of flight $hit is wack and all the j’s passed 14 are lame.

  • omar najeeb

    O knok it off wit this “the jordans end at 14 crap”. Sure jb has dropped some flunkies for the flagship shoe. There’ve been some dope joints in there too. No love for 20s,
    23s. 2012s, 16s? C’mon.
    @shoeguy…respect to lotta ya comments. But i’ont kno bout the 22s bein’ a likable aj. Eeww!