XX8 Days of Flight: Air Jordan XVI

air jordan xvi

The Air Jordan XVI takes center stage for today’s XX8 Days of Flight countdown.

Air Jordan developed a magnetic shroud for the XVI, giving one shoe two distinct identites both on and off the court.

The use of patent leather on the toe box along with the removable shroud gave it the two-looks in one feel. Personally, I prefer to see them with the shroud on, as it gives them a distinct look while without it, it looks like just another basketball shoe.

What is your favorite Air Jordan XVI colorway?

Jordan Brand is celebrating XX8 Days Of Flight and today is all about the Air Jordan XIV. Tag your photos on Instagram with #XX8DaysOfFlight and you might see yourself on ajxx8.com.

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  • Milyon

    I like them.

  • gotjordans

    I second that.

  • serg252001

    These are nice. I prefer the shroud also

  • DeathOverDesigner

    The 16’s are actually pretty decent

  • Prestige

    The white/navy blue are is favorite colorway

  • Justin

    So underrated. I rocked my black/reds w/o the gaiter religiously. Still have them…quite yellowed.

  • I love the air jordan 16! These look dope! I wish jordan brand would have dropped some of those samples that are popping up now

  • omar najeeb

    Those r nice. Not mad at em at all. My fav 16s ar the joints with the wht pat-leathr and grey shroud on em.
    Actually the 16s are the 1st jordans in which i heard rsomeone refer to by number. Lol. Somebody ask me “yo you effin wit them 16s?” I’m like,”16 what?” Dude jus laughed at me.

  • aSh

    WHY IN THE HELL DID JB SCRAP THE XVIIs???? was soooo pissed cause I would have came out of my “Jordan hiatus” and bought a pair…. bass-turds!!! These are pretty dope too…

  • not if they had a free give away.

  • Mamba