XX8 Days of Flight: Air Jordan XX3

air jordan xx3The last of the numbered series, the Air Jordan XX3, is the next in line for the XX8 Days of Flight countdown.

The XX3’s distinctive hand-stitched upper and articulated chassis were developed with a Nike considered design that uses environmentally preferred materials.

The Air Jordan XX3 took many by surprise with its design choice, mixing a stitched upper with a stretched midsole. A little over 10 colorways were released, with the coveted “Titanium” colorway reaching aftermarket prices of over $1,000.

What is your favorite Air Jordan XX3 colorway?

Jordan Brand is celebrating XX8 Days Of Flight and today is all about the Air Jordan XX3. Tag your photos on Instagram with #XX8DaysOfFlight and you might see yourself on ajxx8.com.

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  • Lem

    My favorite are the Chicagos followed by the Titaniums. I’ve only worn the both probably 5 times each.

  • gotjordans

    these are nice! Can’t wait for the XX4s… 😀

  • Dre23

    Chicago 23’s are my favorite

  • Mars Blackmon

    I hate 23’s

  • JB

    the titaniums are overrated as hell!

  • omar najeeb

    Although a later model, the xx3s are in my top 5 of aj models of all time. The blac/red joints are the illest, imho! Titaniums are nice too.

    @Lem….Gues that makes 2 of us who aren’t cool since the titaniums aren’t as dope as we thk they are

  • These are dope, im feeling them. Im a big fan of the 23’s.

  • man these are ugly af in any cw. no love for this shoe AT ALL. no aesthetic value whatsoever. but that’s just me.