‘Yeezy’ Nike Air Foamposite Release Date

March 20, 2014 | 20

Yeezy foamposite webBring em out, bring em out!

The Foamposite no one seems to complain about finally gets a release date. The ‘Yeezy’ Nike Air Foamposite drops April 19th. Men will be paying $250 while grade school sizes will be $180. After this Foamposite I think we can call it quits on this colorway Nike, real talk! I’m pretty sure a billion other fresh colorways exist to throw on this model, you know kinda like y’all did with the Cement Print Foams?

Nike Air Foamposite Pro ‘Yeezy’
Color: Black/Laser Crimson
Style Code: 616750-001
Release Date: 04/19/14
Price: $250.00 – Men’s
$180.00 – Gradeschool Little Posite Pro
$50.00 – Infant Lil’ Posite Pro

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Comments (20)

  1. dabsfordays

    shiiit, even kiddies gotta pay rape

  2. 23edge

    yeah, will be hard to get for retail, still a nice colorway

  3. lmao at dabs! thats what i said.

  4. omar najeeb

    I’m not eff’n with these…..SIKE. I’m kidding. I talked $#!+ on these earlier. But they do look pretty good. Too much work & hassle for me to try for ‘em. So nerrr’mind.

  5. SG

    I’ll join a few raffles. If I get em then great if I don’t then oh well I’m not paying resell lmfao retail is already rape

  6. JayOldPeach.i7

    Should be no sweat…

  7. Executive aka The Wrong One

    Somebody gettin’ kilt!

  8. Executive aka The Wrong One

    Super general release is what it seems like.

  9. Romo

    Pure mayhem! Will make a valid attempt..

  10. 33

    I am going to get my team ready no resell just want rock or help each other out the one shoe most of my friends want to cop

  11. omar najeeb

    @ exec…it needs to be a damn GR. Then i’d go for ‘em to tell the truth.

  12. c brown

    Said it a few days ago…damn $250 though????
    Second…when I was a kid if I even THOUGH about asking my moms for some $180 kicks she would have smacked the S*it outta me…Maybe rocking Kangaroos is what made me a sneakerhead…But real talk Nike is buggin…at some point people have to get off the hype train and common sense needs to settle in…

  13. Executive aka The Wrong One

    @omar, if u can’t get your size grab the infant size and flip it mane, lmao!

  14. Executive aka The Wrong One

    Imagine standing in line for a week just to end up with the baby size!

  15. 33

    Flipping infant size have u no decency lmfao

  16. oldschoolrulz

    Dont see the hype with these but to each is there own.I just can’t wait for the Air Command Forces.

  17. MikeyDrums86

    I’ll definitely try if not then On to the next

  18. sirfresh

    Foams are played

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