Is This the Yellow Ochre Air Jordan 1 High OG?

yellow ochre air jordan 1 high og


And this is how we are kicking off February, thanks to the Internet.

A photoshopped photo of a few Air Jordan 1 High OG colorways starting surfacing online yesterday. Yellow Ochre was one of the colorways, and apparently someone had an actual photo of the shoe.

But is this the actual shoe or a custom? I honestly don’t know, but word is Jordan Brand will release this colorway or something extremely similar this year.

As always, only time will tell.

How do you feel about this colorway?

Photo: illiunaire

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  • theloverswineverytime

    “The saga continues… WU TANG, WU TANG!!”

  • javi

    HYPE!! HYPE!!

  • DC DunKing

    YES! This is a great Colorway. Def a Must cop, especially for Pittsburgh fans, WU TANG 4EVA

  • Creep

    Has to be a custom. Way too much detail

  • DJR

    It’s impossible to mess up a that has black in those areas. With that said I hope these do release because they are fire and I would cop.

  • russellerving

    Yeah it’s the WU…coming through!

  • Snkr Clbrty

    I like these

  • Han Lee

    Pittsburgh steelers edition

  • this is what the old love new love should have been, not a mid.

  • James L

    G, this is a custom pair by an artist on Instagram (don’t know his name, I don’t follow him) He posted them a while back, and again recently. Only difference between his pair and the upcoming pair is that his has the yellow on the toe.

  • James L

    Nah.. Mids are better all day. So much more wearable, whether it’s with jeans or shorts. Sitting on a shelf hi’s look better, but on feet mids look better and your feet can move more freely