YO! MTV Raps x Puma First Round

YO! MTV Raps x Puma First Round

Puma and YO! MTV Raps are back at it again. This time the First Round gets YO! MTV Raps treatment and this sneaker has never been used in the YO! MTV Raps series, until now. They feature a White/Hot Pink make up with yellow accents and neon laces.

Be on the lookout for these to drop in limited quanties this Spring.

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • I think they call this a first look…lol

    Nah, but on the real these are crazy. Hot Pink/White/Neon/Yellow/Black. Neckbreakers for sure!


  • sole4sole

    puma finally gave the clydes a break. i actually like the weird color way for some reason. thanks for giving us the early look. lately you have been leaking alot of stuff g. is there anything you want to tell us? lol

  • ^LOL, yeah I’m a Nike, Puma, Adidas, Asics, Supra, and Vans rep now. I’m at work at in my Nike office taking pics of Fall samples…lol

    That was funny sole4sole. I’m just trying to give the readers the type of stuff they want to see.

    Let’s just say it’s going to be a good year on TSG 😉

  • Wow, these are wild.

    Cool, but I could never wear these. Not me steez.

  • sole4sole

    ok g-roc but i dont know about you on that one. you just might be a rep on the low. j/k but keep it up and this is why i check tsg daily. is this the only sneaker in the pack?

  • ^All I can say is expect more…

    Jaime – “Wild” is the key word and I’m gald to hear you got your XX3’s

  • fiyahhhhhhhhhhh

  • TribeCalledKicks

    Tired of this Yo MTV Raps concept they need to try something different LIKE THE TRIBE CALLED QUEST PUMAS THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO DROPP !!!!!!!!! SMH

  • nikehead

    you know, pink can get really questionable on guys shoes sometimes but i think puma pulled it together on this one…hopefully i can grab a pair of’em b.c i missed out on the ed lover and dr. dre ones =( oh well, im liking the hi’s better. you’ll have to let me know on the release date g-roc so i dont get screwed again haah

  • BGnick

    Dese are wild… You got the life G.

  • no…

    just no…

  • im liking these. except the top of the tongue. and you gon post up the bred XX3’s reminding us to go cop? lol

  • yall know eastbay have the breds available already?

  • Tan

    The Shoe is wild! I love it.

  • ^^Dang AF1_G33K, you’re ON it!
    LOL…you even beat EB to the image post. That was an early post for them, didn’t see that coming.

  • I feel you on those Tribe called Quest’s those would have been so sexy 🙂 These are just WILD i can imagine the personalities that will be rocking these in my head already!


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  • thatbehim

    These can be worked but not by I says the black boy.

  • AF1 G33K – Stay tuned sir!

  • memo

    i could see my self reselling these..they gonna be limited?

  • ^That’s what they told us…

  • bra

    hella sick

  • thatbehim

    You can’t buy the Breds off Ebay til midnight. They have them on the site basically just letting you know they’re in stock.

  • JimiToos

    LOL thats a nice shoe!!!:D
    I would never wear these, but really; hats of to those who do!
    If I see these on the street I will walk up to the person wearing them, shake his/hers hand and give him/her an applause just for the fun of it:)

  • TribeCalledKicks

    Yo G roc would these be apart of the fresh prince of bel-air pack
    Because i heard a west philly 1st round will release along wit the Fresh Prince Puma Bel-Air Clyde

  • TribeCalledKicks

    Oh yeah the fresh prince pack will release may 17th both kicks should or will come wit a watch ( Puma Is Doin Bigg Things PPl Get Ya Wallets Ready,, )

  • Damn. I GOTTA Get these….that toungue MAKES the shoe IMO

  • they are alright but
    my money is on the

  • The Fresh Prince First Rounds are nice.

    TCK – From my understanding their not in the same pack. The Fresh Prince pack will release before the new YO! MTV Raps pack. That’s what I was told. As always stay tuned to TSG for more updates.

  • Jay Bills

    these are sicccckkkkkkkkk

  • monique r.

    these are really great. but i think i’d feel like a bit of a fraud having been too young to watch the show when it was on…

  • ^Not really Monique. A lot of kids rock J’s and never even seen MJ play in a game. If you like it, buy it 😉

  • Fluid

    hottness and i can’t wait to see the others. thanks g for posting.

  • ca5

    firs bgi ups to g-roc for always bringing good pos.
    out of all the site i hit up this is one of the mos updated and always on point.

    this shoe is fresh, i would rock it. but in a fresh way.
    i can see a bunch of hypebeats riding on this shoe hard.

  • CaPa

    yea these are FIRE… but i would never wear them either. lol. But if they look better in small sizes then maybe yeah. lol who knows!!! Someone out there will damage thesE!!! lol (damage in a good way).

  • Ray

    stop releasing yo mtv raps puma and BRING BACK yO MTV RAPS SHOW!… sneakers are weeaakk. puma is blowing up again bc of the clydes , doing your thing puma. but not like this! dont let NIKE influence you

  • ^LOL Ray, you a silly bro.

  • 718King

    “ATLFORCES33” Your most likely a retard.

  • zahirjooma

    oh shit hypebeast dun took this article 🙂

    you quick homie

  • mISSI

    jus lyk every1 else
    gotta giv it up 2 puma 4 da fresh princes more,
    dem west philly’s get MY R.E.S.P.E.C.T

  • KanGoods

    Really funky!!

  • oj

    This shoe is bomb styll.I could possibly see myself rockin these in the summer.But too bad I live all the way up in Canada, why can’t shoes like these be released here? dang

  • YoWhatUp!?!

    Man…what is up…where am I supposed to get these things? I need these too bad, gotta show these Georgians what its like to rep NY!!!

  • coco

    Hi! Can someone tell me where I can buy these online and when exactly? Thanks

  • Jahnique

    i want those shoes were can i get them NOW????

  • dreaa

    yo G-rock
    the puma first round west philly shoes were supposed to be released in may 17. i’ve tried to find them everywhere and i just can’t.
    if you could help by any chance please email me back if u know where can i get them. or anything related to the shoes.

    me and my boyfriend are huge puma fans please any help will come in handy.

  • Eric

    yo people! you can get these pumas at flight club in nyc. It costs $325 there and as far as i know they have size 10.5 in stock. i hope this comment helps.

  • Big Ant

    dude these are sick. im lovin tha pink and neon. i just bought the pink gray an silver Doug E. Fresh ones like two days ago. give those a look too