YOLO Jordans?

If you’re connected to social media websites or the hip hop culture, chances are you’ve heard someone say, “YOLO.” According to the title, you’re probably wondering if Jordan Brand made a pair of YOLO Jordans, right? The saying “You Only Live Once” may be very popular, but Jordan Brand did not create a YOLO Jordan sneaker. However, Tim Westwood will recently interviewed Drake in the UK. During the interview Drake noticed Tim’s YOLO Jordan Fly Wade 2 shoes. It’s actually a pretty funny watch since it took a while for Drizzy to notice Westwood’s YOLO exclusives. Also, Drake is one of the rappers responsible for making “YOLO” such a trendy word, thanks to his reference in his song “The Motto“, featuring Lil Wayne.

Watch the Tim Westwood and Drake interview below.

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  • YaY


  • Trey

    cheesy as the jordans

  • Executive

    How about “NoNo!!!

  • @Executive – Hahahahaha

  • When Tim Westwood and Drake get together its always funny imo.

  • Igotemallnoreallyido

    It’s amazing when a rapper says sumthn it’s new and trendy the acronym YOLO is old as Hell literally old as hell

  • @Igotemallnoreallyido – True!

  • AlSneaks

    after dealing with “bling bling” and “swag” for all those years, YOLO is a cake walk.

  • atgbryan


  • ddottha

    Maybe that’s a Sacramento kings color way for YOLO county, lol why would JB make a special YOLO shoe for Tim Westwood? Just because drake is on this segment? Doubt it, all in all it’s wack juice to me

  • dotsupreme

    it is corny plain and simple i cannot believe this word has stuck longer than the gum on the bottom of my shoe smh

  • matt

    pretty sure theyre just iD fly wade 1s

  • Mater

    YOLO niqqa!

  • Formally Know As Royal Swag

    Just another hip hop phrase for people to you as an excuse to act igornant.

  • W the one and only

    Westwoods looking real crazy. Ive seen some coked out people acting just like that.

  • Mark850

    THESE ARE NIKE ID and anyone could make a pair with there name on them or website!!!!!!!!