Yums x Soulja Boy – Fall 2008 Sneaker Releases

In February we posted a video which showed Soulja Boy talking about his shoe deal with Yums. Well, today we have provide you with a detailed look at Yums Fall ’08 sneaker line. Due to the use of bright colors and patent leather dressing this collection resembles Bapes. It makes sense for Soulja Boy to endorse Yums seeing that he was once in love with A Bathing Ape. Yums most likely cut Soulja Boy a nice check, so that’s another good reason but it’s not like the young lad is hurting for money.

The collection is now available at a store near you. Retail ranges between $85-$110. We still say Nigo should have made SB some exclusive Family & Friends Bapes for that I Got Me Some Bapes hype. Check out the pics after the jump…

Yums x Soulja Boy Sneakers

Yums x Soulja Boy Sneakers

Yums x Soulja Boy Sneakers

Yums x Soulja Boy Sneakers

Yums x Soulja Boy Sneakers

Yums x Soulja Boy Sneakers

Yums x Soulja Boy Sneakers

Yums x Soulja Boy Sneakers

Yums x Soulja Boy Sneakers

Yums x Soulja Boy Sneakers

Yums x Soulja Boy Sneakers

Yums x Soulja Boy Sneakers

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  • abelinoSFV

    I think he’s disreespecting Jordan heads with them bright ass clown shoe’s that’s just wrong…..

  • NPF 65

    Finishline! That mean kids in Jersey are going to be rocking Yums, O NO!

  • Paul

    These are probably gonna wind up on clearance like a week after they drop. No one is gonna cop these.

  • At least SB can now stop wearing BOOTLEG forces and bapes…
    Lil ghetto kids are gonna have a field day with these tacky, cheap, plastic-looking kicks! *smh*

  • ^^^ Forgot to include immigrants…these kicks would go great with a 5XL white tee or some Southpole/Paco gear.

    P.S. I don’t give a !@#% about being politically correct!

  • Hotsizzle

    i want alot of people to like these so they can spend there money, instead of getting the shit i like…yums 4 life go buy em

  • dAt_pHAt_kiCks


  • Kooly

    His fans will be all over these.

  • If Bapes are imitation AF1’s (to me), then what are imitation Bapes???
    Imitation imitations.

  • money$matt

    ya hopefully this shoe wit create hype so these kids will buy into it and steer away from j’s and sb’s

  • money$matt

    rapper lil flip from houston had a deal wit yums before sb and he did like five promo shows for em and they never paid em…. check out the diss song flip did bout the company it explains the whole story on his myspace i was weak after seeing it!

  • sneakerfreaker06

    Hahahahah that video is like 4 or 5 years old. Will never support this guy he has always rocked fapes and Ive even seen him in fake jordans as well. And those yums are “nasty” and no in a good way!

  • “Comment by jaime September 12th, 2008 at 12:31 pm
    If Bapes are imitation AF1’s (to me), then what are imitation Bapes???
    Imitation imitations.”

    ^^^ These Yums fall somewhere in the category of imitation greedy genius I think?

  • nikehead

    hahaha ohhh my goddddd…i guess you can’t knock his hustle but god damn these suck

  • CenValCali

    Caution children at play….

  • hyphy J lover

    He might of had a chance if he made a dance to go along with them and hype them, but ever since he started that internet funk with Ice T on youtube, I’d be surprised if he’s even still around in a couple of years to see how these do.

  • Jose aka KidFresh

    G-roc i know this is sneaker related but why would you post this?????
    Makes no sense
    and the retail price??????????
    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wouldnt dare ever pay that much for wal-mart shoes, forces dont even cost that much( at times)
    Yums is trippin
    Ohhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    I was at my girls cookout and some dude was rockin’ a Yums tee and SOD fitted i laughed my ass off, SB got 18 year olds rockin his stuff SMH


    does every damn shoe a rapper or athlete endorses, HAS to look like damn air force ones? yums? huh!!!

  • all criticism aside, i congratulate SB on his venture and his success, im glad he’s slowly transitioning into making music everyone can enjoy, and not just the teeny-boppers!!!
    i hope this deal works out for him………but as far as yums go……….WONT CATCH ME ROCCIN’!!!!

  • they look like kool aid packs.

  • sole4sole

    ha ha these look like fake bapes

  • bra

    lol he has no life

  • 44Caliber

    I work at FNL, and trust they sell at my store, them lemon-lime things float and that red floats.

    Yo, and to make it worse the have tees and hats too, New Era hats

  • I’ll know my life’s gone to complete and utter hell if I ever look down and see a pair of these corny plastic kicks tied to my feet…

  • CoRY


  • plean


  • pat

    to quote from triumph the insult comic dog “these are great…. FOR ME TO POOP ON!!!!!”

  • bigtim701

    wow whoever poured their money into these and designed um are both idiots i be suprised if they sell 100 pairs of this ugly peice of shizzle

  • JRa

    You cant knock his hustle but he can keep them ugly shoes..I’ll stick to my good ol nikes and jordans! I dont know why he would talk ish about nikes when nikes looks way better than his shoes anyway! -“I got me some retro J’s, I got me some retro J’s!”-

  • juan

    sb is a homo to the 349123588917589459 power

  • bigman652

    i hope my store doesnt get them i stock at finishline

  • Jay

    shoes are disturbingly discusting but u have to admit that the bottom of the shoe is pretty nice…lol

  • d skzl

    his shoes are gonna be wack, juss like his wack ass music, crank that in your pipe and smoke it wack ass rapper, make some real hip hop and stop being a poser SOLJA BOY!!! thats right im talkin about YOOOOUUUUUUU……….

  • POOP

  • SneakerOGKid

    Thats the Gayist Name to name a piar of sneakers
    Oh Yeah im selling a piar of seven Anyone wanna buy kik hi me up

  • solediva

    nikeindabutt why not buy those kids in the ghetto & immigrants some heat then? =/ When thats what you can afford, thats what you’ll buy. We need immigrants anyway, but thats a whole different topic.

  • solediva

    Btw, Yums sounds homo as hell. No offense lol

  • jyummy

    YUMS SHOES are so Hott I love the flavor and they smell like yummy candy I have 4 pair with the fitted tee to match.and the New Era hats are fresh!!!

  • anya

    yo those shoes are sexy just like soulja boy

  • Katy lynn