adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 Performance Review


People are calling this one of adidas’ best basketball shoes in years.

adidas Basketball has struggled for a long time when it comes to designing visually pleasing footwear. We have all seen the shift in the industry and that shift includes the adidas brand having huge success.

Whether it’s adidas Originals or adidas Running, all eyes are on the Three Stripes! As for adidas Basketball, things are looking good for them as well. The D Rose 7 is hands down one the best Rose designs we’ve seen, the Crazy Explosive received a warm welcome, and of course the Crazylight Boost 2016 looks good on and off the court.

The statement about the Crazylight 2016 looking good on and off the court isn’t me just talking, I’m going off my own personal experience. I watched others ball in the Crazylight 2016 – I even tried to ball in them myself – and I’ve seen several people rock them off court. So yeah, trust me when I say they look good, and even if you don’t hoop, I highly recommend you grab the Triple White colorway.

We all know that the design is important, but the performance is the most important factor for a performance shoe. That said, you don’t want to hear my opinion on performance because I’m not much of a baller. A black guy who can’t ball? Crazy, right?! A quick sidebar: Have you ever seen that episode of The Office where they thought Stanley could hoop because he was black? Hilarious!

Now back to the topic. Like I was saying, you don’t want to hear my opinion on the Crazylight 2016 performance, but I value the opinions of guys who pretty much wear test and play basketball for a living. Those guys are Nightwing2303 and Kick Genius.

Keep in mind, these are two different reviewers with different styles of play, but I wanted to include both reviews.

Have you tested out the Crazylight 2016 yet? What’s your thoughts?