adidas Ultra Boost 19


adidas introduces the next Ultra Boost chapter.

The adidas Ultra Boost made its debut January 2015 and quickly gained a lot of praise for its look/comfort. Since the debut, adidas has released new versions of the Ultra Boost which mainly featured updated primeknit or removing the cage.

For the next chapter of the Ultra Boost, adidas revamped the look and improved the construction. According to adidas, the Ultra Boost 19's design started with 17 pieces and ended up with four key components.

"We wanted to see what worked and what could be improved. The original Ultraboost concept was loved for its unprecedented comfort and unmistakable design– revolutionizing the category. But nothing is without room for improvement and iteration, so we stripped back the existing 17 components, piece by piece, until we were left with just four critical features. We then spent our time enhancing the components until we were happy they would genuinely redefine running performance."

One of the standout UB 19 features in Primeknit 360 - "a re-engineered fabric that’s both flexible and strong, providing targeted support where runners need it most."

The other new features are 3D heel frame, 20% more Boost, and new Tuned Torsion Spring.

You can read more about what the UB 19 offers by clicking here.

Available on December 15 for $180.


adidas Ultra Boost 19

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These just don’t look good.

C Brown
C Brown

If Adidas had children they would have eaten them by now....Ive said it before Ill say it again...there go to market strategies suck as they continuously cannibalize there own product...they there own worse enemy.....Tell me why these are any different from the 75 different Boost models currently 40% off and rotting at my local outlet???