adidas Ultra Boost Legacy Pack


It's not a rumor. adidas is really re-releasing Cream and Multicolor Ultra Boosts.

There's a lot of speculation going around regarding adidas re-releasing Ultra Boost 1.0 colors that are two years old. It's just weird no matter how you look at it, but it's really happening.

I didn't believe the news at first because it didn't sound right, but I was wrong - adidas retro'd the Multicolor and Cream Ultra Boost. The trio is being called the "Legacy Pack" and that's also weird. Without a doubt, the Cream UB is the "grail" colorway from the 1.0 series, but it seems so soon for a retro.

The Multicolor colors drop November 8 and Cream colorway releases November 21 on

Are you going after any of these colors?

adidas Ultra Boost Legacy Pack