adidas Ultra Boost Olive Release Date


If you thought the adidas Ultra Boost was on its way out, you were so wrong!

Whether it’s the Ultra Boost or the Uncaged version, adidas is on FIRE – like this was a game of NBA Jams in 1993/1994.

As soon as you get ready to save some money or direct your attention elsewhere, adidas pulls you back in! If the Ultra Boost doesn’t get you the NMD will. If the NMD doesn’t get you the Yeezy Boost will. Face it, most of your sneaker life is in the hands of adidas. Ha!

But on a serious note, a new Ultra Boost colorway just leaked. The Olive/Army colorway looks great on the Ultra Boost. I’m a fan of the non gradient Primeknit design on the toebox, but I’d be lying if I said these are not super clean.

The good news is you do have a little time to stack your bread. The release date for the Olive Ultra Boost is November 1.