adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Unboxing


We got our hands on a pair already, so an adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged unboxing is only right… right?!

After people started removing the cage from their Ultras, adidas decided it was time the Ultra Boost received official uncaged treatment. The worldwide release date is June 29, so you can join the Uncaged Revolution next week. Even if you’re not a fan of the uncaged version, please put some Boost in your life ASAP!

You can call us ATE (Authorized Team Early) because a pair arrived at TSG HQ this week. The pair we received came in special caged promo packaging (retail version will not). adidas never cuts corners when it comes to promo packaging. Never!

I did enough talking in the unboxing video, so I’ll stop here. Watch the video below and please share your thoughts in the comment section. Many thanks to adidas Running for always holding TSG down.

adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Unboxing