ALDO Shoes Back at it Again with the Rip Offs, adidas Ultra Boost is the Victim

Ray P

aldo bites off the ultra boost

Can't stop, won't stop... eh eh (Diddy voice). That's what the executives at ALDO Shoes say after finishing meetings about which sneaker they're going to rip off next.

ALDO Shoes ripped off the Ultra Boost. adidas is so hot, affordable fast trend brands are staring to bite every ounce of the swag.

ALDO Boosts don't look terrible, though. The funny part is-- if adidas really dropped this iteration of the shoe, sneakerheads would comment nothing but fire emojis.

ALDO Rips off the Yeezy 750 Boost

Hey, if I was adidas I'd take this as a compliment. First Yeezy rip offs, now UB's... all that means is that people want to look like they're wearing the adidas style. Eventually, the broke boys will save up enough money and cop the real things.

Shouts out to TSG loyal reader Manuel Villagran for sending this image over.

Would you rock the ALDO Shoes rip off of the Ultra Boost?