Alexander Wang Added Boost to His adidas Sneakers Because…


High fashion gawd.

I don’t follow high fashion because most of it looks the same and I can’t afford it.

However, a few years ago I was dating a young lady who put me on game to almost everything I need to know about high fashion from designers to the overly priced handbags. She took me to school!

It was then when I learned about Alexander Wang. I’m definitely not going to attempt to profile him and his brand in the post, but I always thought it was a dope touch how he adds metal pieces to most of his bags. It’s a simple and clean signature look that differentiates his black handbags from the rest.

That said, Alexander Wang partnered with adidas Originals to create more footwear. His next footwear collection in the words of adidas: “high fashion meets the hardwood.”

Let’s hope we don’t see anyone in the NBA wearing these during a game, but you never know nowadays. AW made sure he added Boost to his new sneakers because… well, you know! #BoostIsLife

If you like what you see, you can cop a pair on April 1.