Atlanta Ran For The Oceans with adidas


Atlanta helped adidas raise money and awareness for our oceans.

Back in December 2018, myself and 9 other people from Atlanta were casted for the adidas Ultra Boost 19 campaign. If you live in DC, LA, New Jersey, New York or Portland you will see our photos in adidas Stores.

I was also informed that our photos are in China and Japan adidas stores as well.

Our group was invited to host an adidas Run For The Oceans run in Atlanta. We accepted the invite and got a group of Atlanta runners together to raise money and awareness for our oceans.

Atlanta closed out the Run For The Oceans initiative on June 16. Each km ran, adidas donated $1 to the Parley Ocean School - a school dedicated to educating the world about marine plastic pollution.

It was a pleasure to be included with runners from around the world. A total of 2.2 million runners participated and $1.5 million was raised. Shout out to all the cities who ran for the oceans.

Many thanks to everyone who showed up to support, and thanks to adidas for including us - Atlanta.

Peep the recap from the Atlanta run below.

Photos by Stay Visualant