Dear adidas, Please Make These Ultra Boost Collabs A Reality ASAP!


Without a doubt, the adidas Ultra Boost is one of the most popular and sought after sneakers to debut in 2015.

adidas has focused majority of the energy around GR/inline colorways, with extremely minor concern regarding collaborations. It’s pretty amazing because even though most of the Ultra Boost drops are widely available, they still sell out as if they were limited. I guess that just goes to show how high the demand is for this silhouette.

As we all know, adidas is no stranger to the power of collaborating with the right brands and individuals. They are doing a superb job at keeping future Ultra Boost releases from leaking, leaving us forced to use our imaginations. Speaking of imagination, after seeing this Ultra Boost sneaker art by Kick Posters, one can only pray that some of these collaborations come to fruition.

I’m perfectly fine if a few never see the light of day, especially the Yeezy colorway simply because there’s already a Yeezy Boost. Ha! But please sweet Sneaker Jesus make those Bape, Undefeated, and Pharrell Ultra Boost a reality. The Supreme and Neighborhood edition would also be a freakin’ problem, but those look too GR-ish minus the branding. Buuuut, if adidas doesn’t make a GR red colorway Supreme could definitely pull it off.

adidas, we are all ready to join the revolution!