Does Kanye’s Latest adidas Sneaker Remind You Of Anything?


What’s that? Just like the Reebok Workout? You don’t say….

It’s like those memes. Don’t (clap) claim (clap) to know (clap) the Yeezy PowerPhase (clap) if (clap) you don’t (clap) know (clap) the (clap) Reebok Workout.

Seriously. Like G-Roc said to me last night, “Cats should definitely own several Reeboks if they want these.” I agree.

C’mon. On sale day, you should have show up with five + workouts in order to cop.

What we know: They’re called the adidas Yeezy Calabasas PowerPhase, and they’re going to release for $120.

We don’t know when, or how exclusive they’ll be. Stay tuned.

Is Yeezy crazy for this?

Source: @gullyguyleo