How I Finessed a Sneaker Campout to Avoid Taking a Major L

Ray P

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Any time you mix limited sneakers, with campout hype, resell value, and a 'first come first serve' policy, the jig come opening time is to be expected.

I don't have enough followers on Instagram nor am I some celebrity's coffee runner/stylist. So, hitting my adidas connects was completely out of the question for NMD Day.

Copping hyped sneakers while being able to avoid standing in line is an art form in itself. That's something I've been able to do for a good part of 10 years. But, today is a new day and adidas has the streets on fire.

This wasn't a Yeezy release, but the anticipation felt like it and it sure looked as such on social media. From China to NYC, campouts were out of control. Sneaker culture isn't too prevalent here in Las Vegas, so I knew I wouldn't have to deal with wild lines. But, I would have to stand in line at some point.

The adidas Store on Las Vegas Blvd opens at 10am and I decided to show up at 8:45am. I'm number 26 in line upon arrival. I haven't done this since 2007, but my first instinct was to look at everyone's feet to estimate shoe size and see if I still had a chance to cop my personal pair.

If you've stood in line before, I'm sure you can relate.

Everyone was wearing Ultra Boosts, it's literally the go-to shoe for standing in line. Me, I was flexed out in the Oxford Tan Yeezy 350 Boost. People waiting in line were super chill, which kind of made me feel like nothing crazy would happen. But I made sure to remind myself that the first rule of lining up for sneakers is that there are no rules.

Like I expected, friends of friends showed up to cut the line. And there's always that one sneakerhead who lets a bad chick cut in front of him and you know he won't be getting any play as a result of the kind gesture. Now I'm number 30, whatever.

adidas employees began to organize the line as it grew from 30 to 200 people. It's 10:06am and the manager, who's already wearing the White NMD joints I wanted to cop, comes out to make the most vague announcement in sneaker history, fam:

"Alright, if you want Primeknits you need to be in this line, and for all other NMD's you guys need to go upstairs right now," uttered the adidas Store Manager leaving the entire crowd confused.

In this moment, I knew the jig was here. adidas mentioned nothing about two lines at any point in the morning. Everyone stood still, but not me though.

I speed walked up to the front, asked the manager to reiterate where the lines were. He said, "go inside to the left if you want Primeknits."

finesse meme

That's all I needed to know. I dipped inside and went from being 30th to 8th. Finesssssssssse!

The rest of the line was still too confused to be angry at this point. Herds of people were running upstairs and it looked like the H&M Balmain release, real talk.

Once the panic settled, people started complaining about waiting 6 hours only to be skipped. The manager copped the plea that manages usually use when they know things went left:

"Look you're going to have to discuss it with the people ahead of you. We didn't hand out tickets past the seventh person in line, so we're not responsible for the line."

Like the savage I am, I laughed.

Do I feel bad that I skipped a bunch of people? Hell no. I copped two pairs and took my happy behind home.

The art of finessing is one that is mastered by experience--be it your own or learning from others. Always expect the jig.