How the adidas Ultra Boost Ruined My Taste for Other Sneakers

Ray P

This year I made a purchase that ultimately ruined my taste in sneakers. It also happened to be the best thing I've been introduced to since Tri-Blend tshirts.

adidas ultra boost theshoegame

I grew up in the Bronx. My sneaker catalogue started off like everyone else.

All Black Nike Air Force 1s and a pair of Wheat Timbs for the Winter.

Side note: I vividly remember playing Ball in my Timbs a couple of times just so my Uptowns didn't get destroyed during Gym class lmao.

Both shoes set the bar in terms of style and comfort level for me. In retrospect, I was wearing a bag of bricks and cement blocks on my feet. Shout out to Moms though.

Anyways, in 2005 I discovered Nike Dunk SBs. Zoom Air insoles and butter soft uppers were enough to ditch Air Forces and Timbs.

Dunk SBs, the Jordan 1, Vans SK8 Hi, and Air Max 90 dominated my rotation up until now.

Interview with Ben Herath who designed the adidas Ultra Boost

Personally, I never paid attention to adidas running sneakers because they looked too technical. And where I come from, ladies won't look at you twice for wearing those type of shoes or you'd be laughed off the block.

When I was young, sh*t like that mattered you know?

That all changed as soon as the first images of the adidas Ultra Boost dropped. Here's the tweet to prove it (in before the Kanye co-sign):

G-Roc attended the adidas media event and claimed the comfort level was ralph level. I've known this dude for 10 years, he wouldn't gas me up with lies just because adidas paid for the trip. So I took his word seriously.

Living in Las Vegas I had a really hard time finding Ultra Boosts in stores. No lie, $180 is a lot to spend on a new silhouette you've yet to try on.

I was being picky about the purple heel on the OG colorway, but when that White colorway hit the internet my hypebeast senses started tingling. Eventually I copped and they went straight on my feet. Ralph level comfort achieved.

Currently, I wear the Ultra Boosts by default.

Every time I step into my sneaker closet to pick something dope to wear, I end up deferring to the Boosts. My Jordans and SB's make it out the closet only to be admired and put right back.

Boost will change your life like that.

I've even decided to pass on my grails, the Nike Air Jordan 6 Maroon. Spending $180 on new Ultra Boosts would feel way better than $220 for something I just wouldn't be wearing comfortably.

The love for the rest of my sneaker collection won't die, but it'll never be the same after wearing Ultra Boosts. From the wide cushy foot bed to the sock-like feel of the Primeknit hugging your feet, these sneakers are the real deal Holyfield.

They feel so good, it's actually tolerable to wait for your girlfriend to try on every product at the makeup store. Facts!

I'm not trying to sell you on the sneaker because if you don't cop that means more for me. Just know that if you don't own a pair, you are cheating yourself out of a really comfortable experience.

Treat yourself.

Grab a pair of adidas Ultra Boost here. Use the code MERRY15 for discount.