Inside Look At adidas' Secret Brooklyn Design Center


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BK heads take notice.

Next time you're walking around Greenpoint, look for a conspicuous warehouse and you might stumble upon the creative center of adidas' New York universe.

Business Insider recently got the inside track on the spot, a little-known space where a handful of adidas' top designers cut loose, swing for the fences and ultimately "create culture," Marc Dolce, adidas' creative director, told the website.

The warehouse, according to BI, basically breaks down into two sections. There is a place for the designers to dream up a sneaker, and a place right next to them, complete with materials and machines, to watch their design become reality:

Step on over to the designer’s side and you will see numerous idea boards and other items that are meant to inspire. Filled with full-time designers as well as rotating classes of adidas designers, once an individual’s time at the Farm has come to an end, they then return their home studios in Germany or Portland, Oregon, ultimately taking with them the valuable lessons and tools picked up from the Brooklyn location.

adidas Global Creative Director Paul Gaudio insists the Brooklyn Creator Farm isn’t your average design studio. “It’s meant to be a little provocative,” Gaudio said. “It’s where we cultivate talent.”

When I was growing up, there was a bike path with a little bakery near my house. The bakery wasn't a storefront, it was made for outsourcing mass production to different companies, but if you knocked on the door and hit those fellas with a dollar bill, they'd give you a nice little package of donuts.

Perhaps if you find yourself right outside adidas' underground design lab, you could knock on the door and pick up some samples! One can dream.

Check out more pictures of the lab below.

H/T: High Snobiety

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