Inside the Making of the Ultra Boost Uncaged and How Sneakerheads Influenced its Design

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Thanks to Instagram, the barrier between the people and the corporations have officially been broken down. Our voices have become stronger than ever as well as our influence. Brands can look directly at what we like and use that to create something they know we'll love.

By now you should know Ben Herath, VP of Running Design at adidas, from TSG's exclusive interview during the explosion of the Ultra Boost.

The Overlord of Boost opened his doors to Sneaker Zimmer and offered a rare look inside the German adidas headquarters detailing the makings of the Ultra Boost Uncaged and confirm some assumptions.

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making of uncaged ultra boost
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Early sample stages of the UB Uncaged and it's original make were Fathered by the Adios Boost. The silhouette was even getting rave reviews back in 2014 when Boost technology was still in question. Through technology and design, it's safe to say the DNA has come a long way to be considered the best running shoe ever made. Progression is always good.

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adidas could take all the credit for the UB Uncaged, but the VP of Design kept it real. Sneaker customizers who removed the cages and posted on Instagram are who influenced Herath and his team.

It took 20 months to reference the custom Ultra Boost Uncaged and turn it into a shoe that is just as stable and built for performance like the original. While rope laces look really great on Ultra Boosts, Herath admits adidas will only include flat laces to keep the aesthetic of the design consistent.

On June 29th, five colorways for both Men and Women of the adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged will debut globally. A release we can truly say that is for the people, by the people. And if you liked the caged version better, don't worry they'll be plenty more options to choose from going forward.

Source: Sneaker Zimmer

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