Jon Wexler of adidas on Why Boost Sneakers Can't Be Mass Produced Yet

Ray P

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Why are Boosts so hard to cop? Why doesn't adidas just make more? Why can't Boost Sneakers be mass produced?

These are all questions sneakerheads and casual shoe fans are asking. We finally have a solid answer from one of the most honest brand reps in the game. Jon Wexler, Global Director of adidas, sits down with Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club for a really insightful interview.

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Not only will you get to know who Jon Wexler is by watching the clip, but he also answers those important questions everyone has right now.

On why Boost sneakers can't be extremely mass produced right now:

The stuff that we do for the Yeezy Boost [and Ultra Boost] has so many different technologies in them. Not just the Boost outsole, but the Primeknit upper. You end up in a situation where you can't produce as many as you would like because it takes X amount of time to sew those sneakers together and you can only get so much Boost material from NASA.

The goal by later in this year is to have a much stronger output of all of our sneakers because demand is so high.

Watch the full spot below.