Kanye and adidas Are More Popular with Teens than Curry and Under Armour

Ray P

adidas More Popular with Teens Than Under Armour

This news maybe be boring when it runs by Kanye West's desk as he has his eyes set on jumping over Michael Jordan. But one has to imagine this is progress.

According to polls by Investors.com, adidas is now more popular amongst teens than Under Armour as a favorite athletic apparel brand. The Three Stripes previously was fourth in past surveys, now they are second to only Nike.

The survey, which found that the upper-income U.S. teen is spending more on footwear and less on apparel, said that Adidas doubled its “mindshare” (read: popularity) as a fashion footwear brand with more affluent teen boys. That figures is still in the single digits, but it represents much-needed gains for a brand that is No. 2 globally but has struggled Stateside in recent years.


Adidas also appears on the top 10 list of favorite clothing brands among all upper-income teens for the first time in at least two years. Nike remains the top fashion trend for upper-income male teens.

In the sneaker community, this rise has been very apparent. From Instagram to sneaker campouts, adidas is gaining serious momentum and it's mostly due to Kanye West. In addition to having the biggest influencer on the team, adidas is putting out great product.

More shocking than adidas popularity is them leap frogging Under Armour. Stephen Curry is at the top of the NBA and winning Championships, could this mean teens are far more interested in fashion than Basketball in 2016? Probably, everyone can dress like Kanye, barely anyone can try to play like Curry.

adidas is capturing Teens, which matter most in terms of cool and sales (long term). This is a great sign for the future of the Three Stripes.

Are you surprised at adidas being the second most popular athletic apparel brand?

Source: Investors.com