Kanye Apologized to Nike CEO Mark Parker At Saint Pablo Tour


Ye finally decided to man up.

Kanye West kicked off his Saint Pablo tour in Indiana in front of an eager crowd of fans. He treated fans to a full blown out elevated ultralight beam stage, and the energy was insane.

Moreover, his show production wasn’t the highlight of the night. Mr. West felt like the first show was the perfect time to man up and get a few things off his chest.

He apologized to Nike CEO Mark Parker. Kanye said, “I’d like to thank you Mark Parker of Nike. For giving a kid from Chicago a chance. I apologize like a man for anything I ever did to you or your family. Like to apologize like a man.”

Ol Kanye is growing up. Aside from telling Mark he’s sorry, Yeezy also took the time to thank adidas Entertainment Marketing Director, Jon Wexler, during the show.

“Thanks Jon Wexler for putting your job on the line for me.”

Keep in mind, this was only his first show, so there’s a strong possibility we’ll hear much more from Pablo aka the Gildan Gangsta throughout the rest of his tour stops.