Kanye Changes His Mind on Playing Sneaker Culture Games & Will Continue to Make Limited Yeezys

Ray P

Oh Kanye...

Kanye West clothes shopping in New York City

Back in February, Kanye West joined the Breakfast Club for a much anticipated interview where he went on to passionately discuss many things including his distaste for "sneaker culture games." Much like his music, Ye wanted his footwear to be available to the masses upon release date. From a sneakerhead perspective, we applauded Kanye for going against the grain and trying to appease all the people who wanted Yeezys. He gained the people's support with every bold statement. These comments were made at the beginning of the Kanye West x adidas partnership.

Here we are 7 months and a declaration for Presidency later and I'm starting to believe Kanye will be one hell of a politician because he's reneging on everything he made people believe to win them over.

Vanity Fair recently sat down with Kanye West and in this interview he touched on his new mind state regarding the Yeezy Boost footwear line now that there's a few releases under the belt:

As we transition to eventually where I want to take the footwear, we’ll still keep limited colors for people who are involved in that culture. Because there is a level of exclusivity and stuff that is important in the sneaker culture, to get the ones that no one else has.

I respect Kanye for being both extremely ambitious and extremely real. Many times reality won't align with your dreams and not very many people can admit that. West made it clear that his Yeezy Boosts will continue in limited quantities to [keep the hype going] because it's important to sneaker culture. And I think that's where Kanye is wrong.

Many sneakerheads do love limited edition footwear, but the most coveted line in the culture is Air Jordan because it was fresh and available everywhere. Jordan gave us all the opportunity to 'be like mike.' Everyone had the ability to touch a pair at retail for the past 30 years. Eventually demand rose higher than supply to where Jordan Brand can sellout 500,000 pairs of "Legend Blue" Air Jordan 11s in one weekend, but those shoes weren't cool because they were limited, they were just overall dope. Sneakerheads turn GRs into limited editions because certain sneakers are kept on ice for a half a decade or so until everyone else ran their shoes in the ground. That's how a lot of sneakers rose in popularity.

In no way do I know what goes on in meetings but based on how things have been going, I can sort of guess the business plan adidas and Kanye were able to eventually agree on.

First, scale limited quantities to see of the Yeezy demand continues to build each and every release, then let the blogs post outrageous photos of campouts to feed the hype machine. Additionally, let the resell market dictate how important the shoes are, then it'll catch the attention of the everyday consumer and adidas can gauge if Kanye can be a commercial success (200,000+ pairs).

You can put your pitchforks and molotov cocktails away because Kanye West is going to continue to play with the emotions of sneakerheads. Keep your hopes low and expect a lot more Sadderdays to come.