Kanye Impacted the Cool, But Pharrell Helped Increase adidas Sales a Whole Lot More

Ray P

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adidas has built one of the most successful collaboration strategies we've seen in long time. And they've done so with the two most influential celebrities in street fashion of our generation.

The strategy has been so successful that 2015 marked adidas' most profitable year in the history of the company.

Kanye West gets a lot of credit for bringing a new sense of cool to the brand. However, due to the exclusivity of his sneakers he hasn't impacted much from a sales point of view. And that's where Pharrell comes in.

The Virginia Beach native and Founder of the Neptunes has been putting in serious ground work for adidas. He was assigned the task of making the Stan Smith and Superstar models hotter than they've ever been before. This lead to several collaborative releases with each model including the Supercolors Supertars, which TSG voted Best Collaboration of 2015.

Why Pharrell’s adidas SuperColor
Is The Best Collaboration Released In Years

According to reports sales for Superstar and Stan Smith styles grew 45 percent this past year, selling over 15 million pairs worldwide.

Billboard recently sat down with Rachel Muscat, Global Category Director, Statement Collaborations at Adidas, to discuss all things Pharrell.

From his Supercolors photo being the most tweeted media for adidas in 2015, to how the partnership started, and how successful it's been. Read the full interview here.