My Ultra Boost 19 Peachtree Road Race Experience


I ran the 50th Anniversary Peachtree Road Race in the Ultra Boost 19.

The largest 10k race in the world celebrated its 50th Anniversary on July 4, 2019. Since I was a kid growing up in Atlanta, I've always been fascinated by the Peachtree Road Race.

Every year 60,000+ runners (and walkers) from around the world come to Atlanta for the Peachtree Road Race. It's definitely a big deal and a bucket list event for many runners.

But this year's race was extra special because it marked the 50th race. Everyone wants to witness history, but I got a chance to be a part of history. Witnessing the 50th Anniversary wasn't enough for me - I wanted to experience it.

Mission completed!

Yes, yours truly ran the 50th Anniversary Peachtree Road Race, and I did it in the Ultra Boost 19. I remember when adidas first introduced Boost by way of the Energy Boost in 2013. That was my go-to running shoe during 2013-2014.

Running 6.2 miles in the Ultra Boost 19 reminded me of my early Boost days. However, the Ultra Boost 19 provides much more Boost and a more secure fit, thanks to the Primeknit 360.

I'm proud to say my PTRR experience in the Ultra Boost 19 was very enjoyable. Not once did I experience any discomfort or pain. In fact, I appreciate the UB19 tech upgrades because the shoe offers a nice mixture of stability and comfort. That's the perfect balance for me.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to run top speed due the large crowd. I got held up by walkers several times during my run which slowed down my pace. But I still managed to finish in 54 minutes. I was looking to best my 2015 time of 52 minutes, but the crowd won this time. I still had fun, and honestly that's the purpose of PTRR.

Thank you Atlanta, and special thanks to adidas for partnering with me for this historic race.

The Ultra Boost 19 is available for women and men on

Take a look at the recap below:

My outfit grid. All adidas running gear. I'm really glad I wore compression pants. I love the secure fit and support on my legs.

I took these photos right before I started running. Imagine trying to navigate through this crowd...

As soon as I crossed the finish line, I had to snap a quick selfie.

Passing out t-shirts...

to all these people. And this is only some of the runners. Ha!

It was only right to pose in front of the 50th Anniversary sign.

Ice cold drinks provided by Atlanta's own, Coca-Cola.

Close up look at the 50th Anniversary tee.

On foot look.

It's not official until you take a picture with your shirt.

A candid photo finish by the photography team at the race. In case you're wondering, that's a combination of sweat AND water. Yes, it was really hot. lol

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The kick looks pretty dope on feet. Does the person who finishes this race first get anything?


Good job my boy! Even though I'm from Atlanta, I've never actually been to the race, but it looks like it was a dope experience and those UBs look kinda lit in action!



Congrats on the opportunity and completing the race. I saw some characters in the mix too lol.

I love the UB19 but haven’t done more than 3miles in them at one time. Good to know they ride well for longer distances.

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Thanks man! Always TONS of characters in the mix.

Yeah, this race was the longest run I've put in the UB19 and I was impressed.