Naked’s adidas Ultra Boost Is All About the Waves


Naked is a Copenhagen based women’s sneaker boutique that knows a thing or two about collaborations.

However, don’t be surprised due to the popularity of the Ultra Boost if this goes down in the history books as one of their most sought after collabs.

Naked’s adidas Waves Pack features a Samba and Ultra Boost. The collaboration falls under the adidas Consortium division, so these won’t be an easy cop.

Even though this is a women’s collaboration, larger sizes will be available for the fellas that are feeling the Waves inspiration.

The Naked adidas Ultra Boost releases at on December 16th at Naked.

There’s no word on the global launch date, but that’s typically how Consortium releases work. The collaborator releases the product first and then a wider release follows.

Naked adidas Ultra Boost