Official Pricing For Yeezy Season 1 Apparel

Ray P

adidas kanye yeezy season 1

Prior to last week, any numbers flying around regarding prices for Kanye West's first apparel collection, Yeezy Season 1, was purely speculative.

During an in-depth interview with GQ, the Weekend, who was selected to be the official model for the Yeezy Season 1 collection, had the scoop on what Kanye West will be charging us for clothing. The numbers might surprise you and some of them are down right appalling, but we'll let you decide.

Check out the prices for Yeezy Season 1 apparel collection below:

yeezy season 1 apparel official pricing-2

[Photo on the left]

Vest: $1,170
Sweater: $1,560
Sweatpants: $585
Boots: $585
Jacket: $3,250
Crewneck: $495

[Photo to the right]

Camo jacket: $2,210
Thermal shirt: $405
Sweatpants: $545
Yeezy 750: $350

yeezy season 1 apparel official pricing

[Photo to the left]

Jacket: $3,250
Crewneck: $496
Yeezy 350: $200

[Photo to the right]

Hoodie: $545
Sweatpants: $545