Possible adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged General Release for 2016

Ray P

In 2015, Hypebeast turned a custom into a collaborative release.

Now, an adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged general release might be happening.

Take a look at a leaked photo of a cageless Ultra Boost. The Primeknit upper looks to be upgraded with a bootie as well.

Adidas has yet to confirm this news, so it’s just speculation based off a sample for now.

The adidas Ultra Boost uncaged custom really took off last year in the sneaker culture. Hypebeast (the publication) took the feedback of the people and turned it into a reality for their 10 year anniversary. That collaboration is now one of the more popular versions of the Boost shoe.

Stick with TSG for more news on the adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged for 2016.

Source: @WhereToCop

Would you cop the adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged general release if it really did happen?