President Obama Is Getting Laced with The Most Hyped Collabs of the Year

Ray P

If there's one person in this country who never has to camp or shop online for hot sneaker releases, it's President Obama. Just moments ago, Mrs. Yeezy herself posted the photo above of a size 12 Yeezy 750 Boost and size 11.5 Yeezy Boost 350 being hand delivered to the POTUS via private jet. Clearly, there's levels to this ish because who wouldn't love for Kim K to deliver Yeezys? I'm sick just thinking about it.

obama gets yeezy boost

Kanye and President Obama recently put their differences aside for a greater cause.

On Saturday, Obama is attending a Democratic political fundraiser event where Kanye West is performing and also giving away signed Yeezys... kind of. Tickets range between $200 and $10,000. If you're paying top dollar, you get signed yeezys, primetime seats to watch the concert, and a photo with Kanye and the President. Needless to say those tickets are all sold out! We'll keep a close eye to see if Obama decides to break out Yeezy Boosts during the event.