Red Yeezy Boost 350's Appeared on P Diddy's Feet at BET Awards

Ray P

p diddy wearing red yeezy boost 350 bet awards
Images via @iamdiddy

While everyone was busy scrambling to get their hands on the Grey Yeezy Boost 350's, P Diddy was already planning to stand out from Kanye fans. During the reunion of Bad Boy Records, Diddy broke out a fresh pair of Red Yeezy Boost 350's which he says no one else in the world has. It's safe to assume these are customs because why would Diddy have a PE pair of Yeezy Boosts? None the less, it does give us a look at the potential of Kanye's second signature shoe in various colors. Take a closer look below.

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p diddy red yeezy boost 350 bet awards