Sneakerheads Ruined adidas Confirmed's App Rating after the Latest Yeezy Boost Madness

Ray P


On June 8th adidas Confirmed app opened reservations for the Yeezy 750 Boost Glow in the Dark and within 10 seconds it closed. Kanye gifted everyone L's for his Birthday, ironically. As expected, all the salty sneakerheads filled adidas Originals mentions with complaints, but they didn't just stop there.

After bashing adidas and Kanye on Twitter, the next stop was the Apple App Store. Sneakerheads made it a point to crown adidas Confirmed one of the worst rated Apps in the digital world with a 1.5 star rating. They also left the most hilarious reviews possible.

Also as a result of the botched reservation process, Sneakerheads made the Nike SNKRS a five star rated app. Yikes! We're praying adidas takes all of the feedback from this and makes the app better for us all during the next Yeezy release.

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adidas confirmed app ratings