Wiz Khalifa Dislikes Yeezy Boosts So Much He Wouldn't Even Touch Them

Ray P

kanye west wiz khalifa

Lots of people dislike Yeezy Boosts for strange reasons. Wiz Khalifa, who recently was in a war of words with Kanye West, has every right disregard the existence of Yeezy sneakers.

Whether it's Kanye disrespecting the Mother of Wiz's child or Kanye claiming the kid as his own, I can't knock the man for his strong feelings.

A young sneakerhead by of the name of Rashed invited Wiz Khalifa to come check out his sneaker collection. As they were going through different pairs of heat, Rashed would ask Khalifa his thoughts.

Yeezy Boosts were eventually unboxed which led to an interesting exchange between the two:

Rashed: What do you think? Do you think Yeezy jumped over Jumpman?

Wiz: Nah, hell no. Never. Jordan is a brand now, it's not going nowhere. It's like Chuck Taylor.

Rashed: Do you like the Yeezys?

Wiz: Nah, I don't.

Rashed: You hate them, huh?

Wiz: I don't hate anything, I just don't like that shoe.

Rashed: [pulls out Moonrock Yeezy 350 Boosts]

Wiz: There you go. I can't touch those.

Watch the exchange and Wiz Khalifa's reaction below.