Women's adidas Samba Rose


A new model for the ladies by adidas.

Women's adidas Samba Rose...

At one point TSG used to have a respectable amount of women readers. I'm sure there are still some who frequent the site, but a few used to comment regularly.

Although I don't cover women's releases as much as I should, it's still important for me highlight releases from time to time. There could be women reading this or guys who cop kicks for their lady often, so it's all good either way.

adidas Originals just released a new take on the classic Samba model for women. The name of the shoe is Samba Rose, and the model falls in line with the platform/thick sole wave. Well, it's not really a wave, it's been "in style" for years.

I can't see any women who like platform midsole disliking these colorways because they are too simple and clean. It's also worth mentioning the the midsole doesn't take away from the classic aesthetic of the sneaker.

I'm not a salesman though, I'm just the messenger.

Both colors are available now on adidas.com.

Women's adidas Samba Rose

Source: sizeforwomen