You Might Wanna Check Your “Black” Yeezy Boost 350’s for This Defect

Ray P

August 2015 can be defined as the month of bad quality control.

With Jordan Brand sending out multiple releases of moldy Air Jordan retros, and now Yeezy Boosts having defects, it’s been an odd month for sure.

One Reddit user, who actually wanted to wear his Yeezys, did some normal inspection to make sure his 350’s were cool. Unfortunately, after some searching he did find a defect where the Primeknit upper was not properly glued to the sole. adidas has since offered a full refund, but at this point there’s no turning back. The sneakerhead has two choices, try to have a professional glue the Primeknit properly or walk around with a hole in his Yeezy Boost 350’s.

Should homie take the L and get his refund or just rock out with a hole in his Yeezys? What would you do? Share your thoughts in the comments below.