A Brutally Honest Opinion & Review Of The Hender Scheme Air Jordan 4

Ray P

Watch this honest unboxing.

If you ever casually browse Instagram, you know people love stunting in anything worth a pretty penny. They probably won’t even tell you their honest opinion because all that matters is that Like button. Well the guys over at Four Pins decided to do some investigating on a shoe that recently caught people’s attention from the price to the actual make.

Hender Scheme designed a silhouette that was hand-stitched and created with undyed leather to mimic the Air Jordan 4. In a sense providing a premium take on the classic Air Jordan without the technology. But are they actually worth it? According to the reviewer, the shoes are uncomfortable and only good for Instagram photos. I guess I’m not that surprised. Full video is below.

After watching share your thoughts, opinions, and feedback on the Hender Scheme Air Jordan 4.