A Leaked Photo of the 2017 Royal Air Jordan 1


Last September, TSG broke the news that Royal Jordan 1s will return in 2017.

Well it’s 2017 and leaked photos are already starting to surface. This is just one of many to come, so get ready.

I usually pass on posting a lot of leaked photos due to poor quality, but this photo allows us to see 2017 Royal 1s quality is pretty much identical to 2016 Bred 1s.

I’m sure the same people who were upset about the 2016 Bred 1 quality will also complain but 2017 Royals. The rest of the world will cop as many pairs as they can come May.

There’s still no release date, so stay tuned for more info.

What’s your thoughts after seeing this leaked photo?

Imgae: zsneakerheadz

2017 Royal Air Jordan 1