adidas Originals Flames Jordan Brand and Supreme

Ray P

adidas originals disses supreme air jordan 5s

WELP! The battle between adidas and Nike isn't really a battle at all if we're talking numbers, but socially each brand is often pinned against each other. A troll decided to do what they do best and troll adidas Originals by asking them what the retail price of Supreme 5s was.

Usually adidas is cool about any trolling regarding Nike, but today they had time Cuz! According to the Three Stripes, the Supreme x Air Jordan 5 Collection, which retails for $198, is not nearly worth what Nike is charging for it. It's safe to say adidas Originals might be firing their Twitter manager or they just have no chill. Hopefully it's the later.

So wassup Nike, you gonna drop off your kids and run adidas' fade or nah?